Volvo C30 C70 V40 S40 V50 Airbag Ecu Reset CFFF


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Volvo C30 C70 V40 S40 V50 airbag ecu reset service

Fault code: SRS CFFF

A fairly common problem on Volvo airbag ecu, the error code “internal error of the SRS- CFFF control module” with the impossibility of erasing it with a diagnostic tool.

This fault code is often linked to a low supply voltage caused by the alternator or a bad battery and sometimes accompanied by error codes SRS-005 and SRS006.

In some cases the airbag computers are defective and cannot be repaired.

In the majority of cases, we fix the problem by repairing and resetting the airbag module.

Warning: you must solve your battery or alternator problem otherwise the fault will reappear.

Supported part numbers: 30724045 , 30724427 , 30724652 , 30773354 , 30773401 , 30773786 , 30773787 , 30795181 , 31264943 , 31295109 , 31295796 , 31334738

In some cases, the vehicle will not start until the computer has been reset.

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