Mercedes EZS – EIS Cloning Service


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CLONING SERVICE for Mercedes EIS – EZS electronic ignition switch for

W164, W166, W169, W197, W172, W202, W204, W207, W208, W209, W210,  W211,  W212, W215, W216, W218,

W220,  W221, W230,  W246,  W251, W463, W639, W906

If your Mercedes Benz ignition switch has a problem and you have another one you want to use. If the part number is exactly the same we can clone it (transfer data from one to another) and we make your original key work in this new ignition switch, if your new ignition switch comes with the key, we will make that other key work for your car as well.

*** For this service customer needs to send both EIS – EZS electronic ignition switch same part number***

Common faults:

* Noisy steering lock;

* Key turn in EIS (electronic ignition switch) but no lights on instrument cluster and car not starting;

* Unable to turn the key in EIS (electronic ignition switch);

* The ESL is off with no key in the ignition;

* The ESL is locked with key in the ignition;

*  Vehicle will not crank with all keys;

*  Vehicle will crank but not starting;

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