Fiat 500 Airbag Module No Communication Fault


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A common fault on the Fiat 500 is for the airbag control module (also known as airbag ecu) to become defective and illuminate the srs airbag warning light on the dash display.

Symptoms of a faulty airbag module vary but can be one or more of the following:


SRS airbag warning light on

Fuel cut off unavailable message on the dash display

Flashing mileage display

Blowing airbag system fuses

No communication with diagnostic scanners

Unable to perform any diagnostics on the airbag system

IPC: Fault code 0172687 lost coms

PCM: 0042281 Invalid Data

BCM: B10AA4A Check Config

Fault Code U172687

Fault Code B105386


These are all classic symptoms when a fiat 500 airbag module is internally faulty and your options are either to replace or repair the airbag module.


We now offer a repair service to repair your existing Fiat 500 airbag module (black plastic type only)

The repair takes 1 – 2 working days & then we return the module.


Once it is re-installed in the car most modules will plug & play but sometimes the odd one will need proxi alignment performing which is the procedure to sync the module to the car.

This a simple procedure which is done with a diagnostic computer. It doesn’t need to be any special or high level diagnostic computer, in fact most which can talk with the airbag system will be capable of running proxi alignment, examples are Delphi or WOW diagnostics, Launch X431 & Fiat “multiecuscan” (Multi ECU Scan). 

If you don’t have access to a diagnostic computer then an independent garage or mobile technician would probably charge about £40 for this job.

Airbag modules part numbers covered by this service are :

51870005 , 51897810 , 51918659, 51918197, 51838580, 51963734

We also repair Alfa Mito , Fiat Punto & Ford Ka airbag modules provided they are the same black plastic type.

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