BMW and MINI – All Models – All Years – CAS 1 CAS 2 CAS 3 CAS 4 Cloning Service / Plug And Drive


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This BMW and MINI, CAS 1 CAS 2 CAS 3 CAS 4 cloning service is for : all years / all models / all series / all engines.

Old keys will work. Simply install the CAS and start the car.

Note! We can program a new key also if you need a spare.

If you want to program additional keys send over all the working keys.

You will have to send all the keys programmed to the car.

This service will clone any CAS module in any BMW and MINI car. Signs of failed CAS are: no communication with scan tool (bricked), original key not recognized or not engaging and no ignition on or no start, water damage, burned circuit board, code A0C1 terminal 50 output (engine turns for only 1 second), no terminal 50 voltage (no crank), A0A9 CAS Control module fault, PT-CAN BUS down, no terminal 15 wake up signal with key on, parasitic battery drain, Error engine start starter operation A0B4 Code: 00A0B4.

For this service, you will have to send in the original CAS and replacement CAS.

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