AUDI – VOLKSWAGEN BCM2 Body Control Module Cloning/Repair Service + Electronic Steering Lock Bypass


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Have you had to purchase a second hand Body Control Module that needs programmed to your car?

Send us your Original BCM2 and New/Donor BCM and we will clone your Original Data over to your Donor making it plug and play…

Common Problems Include:

02811 – Control Module for Electronic Steering Column Lock (J764)

00003 – Control Module error

16349 – Control Module error

16366 – Control Module – Internal Malfunction

Ignition lock defective message on Dash

This service is available for all Audi-Volkswagen Vehicles which use this type of BCM2.


We can repair your BCM and delete the steering lock feature so you car doesnt get locked up again.

You need to ship your BCM, key and your faulty steering lock to us for ESL delete

8K0907064 – 8K0 907 064, 4H0907064 – 4H0 907 064
4H0907064AK, 4H0907064JK, 4H0-907-064-JK; 4H0907064AK; 4H0907064BK; 4H0907064CK; 4H0907064DK; 4H0907064EK; 4H0907064FK; 4H0907064GK; 4H0907064H, 8K0907064AS, 8K0907064DS, 8K0907064R, 8K0907064AG, 8K0907064AH, 8K0907064BS, 8K0907064CS,  8K0-907-064-KP,  8K0-907-064-EP, 8K0-907-064-FP, 8K0-907-064-GP, 8K0-907-064-HP, 8K0-907-064-JP, 8K0907064CS, 8K0-907-064-AG, 8K0-907-064-AH, 8K0-907-064-AS, 8K0-907-064-BS, 8K0-907-064-DS, 8K0-907-064-R 8K0907064, 8J0959433C, 8J0959433E, 4H0907064ED, 8K0907064AG 8K0907064CF, 8K0907064, 8K0907064F, 8K0907064BF; 8K0907064H; 8K0907064BR; 8K0907064CR; 8K0907064BG; 8K0907064CG; 8K0907064DF; 8K0907064AH; 8K0907064CF; 8K0907064DS; 8K0907064AS; 8K0907064BH; 8K0907064DG; 8K0907064CH; 8K0907064DH; 8K0907064DR; 8K0907064F; 8K0907064G; 8K0907064AG; 8K0907064BS; 8K0-907-064-DS; 8K0-907-064-AS; 8K0-907-064-AH; 8K0-907-064-AG; 8K0-907-064-BS; 8K0907064R; 8K0907064CS; 8K0-907-064-CS

4H0907064JD 4H0907064AD 4H0907064AQ 4H0907064AR 4H0907064BC 4H0907064BD 4H0907064BQ 4H0907064BR 4H0907064CD 4H0907064DD 4H0907064ED 4H0907064FD 4H0907064GD 4H0907064N AU4H0907064JD


Contact us here and send us your bcm part number or if you have any questions: